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Campus Amenities:


The bookstore will carry all required texts as well as other necessary supplies such as folders, binders, paper, pens,

pencils, notecards, etc. Furthermore, Imago Dei College merchandise is also available such as mugs, t-shirts, sweat-

shirts, hats, patches, pins, folders, plaques, etc.



The classrooms are furnished with tables and chairs. Considering the beauty of our location, the class is occasionally

taken outside to conduct discussion while enjoying God’s creation.

Coffee Shop:

The campus coffee shop is meant to be a gathering place for both students and faculty to converse, disciple, study, or

simply enjoy a beverage together.


Though our library is small and in the process of developing, it contains many substantial works, including reference

series and volumes, and many personal collections of some of Imago Dei fellows.

Dining Commons:

The dining commons are run by the hosting camp and we must adhere to their rules and time schedules. We entrust

that IDC students will exhibit the utmost proper behavior befitting their role as students in our tightly knit scholastic



The campus boasts of a variety of opportunities for recreations including skating, basketball, volleyball, softball, swim-

ming, rock wall climbing, hiking, and much more.



         We require that all Freshmen and Sophomores live on campus in the dormitories, and we strongly encourage Juniors

and Seniors to continue living on campus as well. Several reasons prompt these mandates, but in short, it is for the

primary reason of building a stronger sense of the Christian academic community. What the student puts in and

takes away from college life is far more substantial when living conditions are experienced in community. We do not

advocate the removal of oneself from the world’s environs, but yet we also recognize and value this special period

in a young college student’s life when s/he is able to mature intellectually, socially and spiritually. These are pre-

cious times of preparation for the rest of one’s life and a perfect time to instill healthy habits that will hopefully

lead to a lifetime of discipline.


One of the accusations brought against the classical liberal arts approach to education (however unfounded they may

be) is that it does not train in practical vocational skills. While this is certainly not true, and though we make no apol-

ogies for our curriculum or pedagogy, yet we also adamantly advocate well-roundedness in our students. It is for this

reason that we offer summer apprenticeships on campus lasting from only a few weeks to a few months. In addition to

imparting the students with practical knowledge and vocational skill, they also provide the students with a modest

income and a way to pay for the educational expenses. Room and board are paid in part or in whole. Wages are

modest and part goes toward the student’s outstanding or future school bill, if any. The jobs are to build skills in the

students and likewise to benefit the College and its growing needs, particularly relating to the campus. Some ap-

prenticeships may include: masonry, furniture building, construction, stain glass making, automotive mechanics and

body work, landscaping, sewing, cooking/fruit canning/baking, et al.



Service is a true mark of a biblically defined leader. Since it is the mission of Imago Dei College to raise up a new

generation of leaders for the Kingdom of God, service becomes a necessary component in the full Imago Dei College

experience. The goal of service projects is, therefore, twofold: 1) to gain a heart of obedience and a passion for serving

the Body of Christ and the world in the name of Christ, and 2) to develop Kingdom leadership skills through service.

All students are required to participate in a community and church service activities. The activities are arranged and

led by a rotating team of student leaders under the supervision of the Dean of Students. Some projects are performed

by class levels while others are schoolwide. Opportunities to serve will be available both on campus as well as off


Summer Program:

            Every summer high schoolers interested in ‘Great Books’ curriculum are invited to spend two weeks on our campus not

only to take a class for college credit but to enter into the college life of sharpening of minds, developing a Christian

worldview, enjoying the mountainous environment, and making new friends.



During this time Imago Dei students have opportunity to help with the program and thus earn money for the upcom-

ing school year.



Recreational Physical Fitness:

In addition to our required four years of Physical Education classes, there are other opportunities available to students

for further activities. Our intramural program gives students the chance to do a sport for a short period without a

commitment to an official team. Again, we seek to remove the stigma that sports belong only to the experts, resigning

the majority of students to being simply observers. Physical fitness and competence is yet another component in the

equation of holistic health. We encourage all students to join in intramural sports to compete against each other,

faculty and staff, and even against parents in friendly competition.

 Any student wanting to suggest certain activities or start a club (e.g. soccer, fencing, basketball, hiking, paintball, rock-

climbing, et al.) is welcome to submit plans and details to the Dean of Students.


Though the students are here to be educated, and the demands for attaining to the high standards set by IDC are

rigorous, we seek to provide healthy outlets for social interactive affairs. Among the activities we offer are traditional

and formal dances, capture the flag, air-softing, paintballing, movie nights, formal dinners, and more. The students

are encouraged to make suggestions and plan the events themselves with approval from the Dean of Students.


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